Paradise Estate

Danya Country Estate is run by an English family with a true love of Italian life, where hospitality is second to none and they are ready to share with their guests.

The country estate is located on the rolling hills of clean fresh air and blue skies above Sansepolcro, in the peaceful haven appropriately named Zona Paradiso, which simply means PARADISE.


This is the ideal place to discover the true spirit of a territory which boasts a reputation of culture, history, refined cuisine, fragrant and mellow wines, special olive oils from local mills and the unmistakable scents in the air of lavender gelsomina and broom.

A restructured country house and an adjacent charming cottage and rustic outbuildings nestled on beautifully tended parks , olive groves and orchards, urrounded by rolling hills and woods for leisurely strolls around the property.

A mystery garden and wishing well is also located on the property.

Furthermore Danya Country House was the video location for advertise tuscany products.

One example is a Making of “Vita Toscana”

A large fenced-in pool and south facing sundeck for bathing and lounging during the day and which is beautifully lit at night when the birds still sing and the fireflies dance and play a symphony of light in this sanctuary of complete relaxation.

Swimming pool

You may choose to sit and read, or write or even paint, under the vine shaded terrace, the open terraces invite you to sit and enjoy hot summer breezes or enjoy balmy evenings under the stars. We have a telescope for the experts.

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