Covid 19 has caused thousands of postponed weddings: now is the challenge to fix a new date and maybe even find a new location?

Ending up with a postponed wedding is never in anyone’s wedding plans, can be  heart wrenching as couples can find themselves having to change the date of their wedding day but at least better than having been left at the alter. !!


Whilst all manner of emotions and grief are completely normal, a postponement is just that, a postponement. Your wedding day will arrive. And it will be all the more joyous and emotional because of what you and your partner have been through ..stay positive … no rain no rainbow as the saying goes!!

Maybe  with the backlog from 2020 to 2021, you are finding difficulty in finding the location on the date that they desire…. No real issue .. reinvent and become nontraditional and creative to make it even better than the original plan


.. have you ever thought about a really special ITALIAN Wedding in Paradise in the heart of Tuscany ??

In the meantime celebrate Wonderful Ways To Acknowledge Your Original Wedding Date.

Decorate your house in fairy lights to make your home special for a day.

Order A Floral Arrangement to be delivered from Your Florist

Wear your wedding night lingerie, you can always repurchase

Treat each other To A pre run up Wedding Gift & start the day with Breakfast In Bed

Get dressed up, wear white, wear Your veil / tie / break your shoes in around the house
Stay dressed down

Write each other a love letter and share it at the end of the day
Have A Picnic
Open a bottle of your wedding wine as a taster

Have an Netflix day indulging in films and popcorn

Cook your wedding menu

Open a bottle of champagne. Toast each other. Say your vows as a practice run

Ask for a blessing  from your church
Celebrate a romantic dinner
Share your day with chosen guests on social or and a group call on face time and whatsApp
Make a video  to entertain guests creating the expectation of the real forward date
Bake a cake , cut a cake, any cake.
Dance Your first dance. Probably the most tender, intimate dance you have in your life.
Create A reminisce playlist of music and sort photos from your first meeting to date.
Indulge in a memorable candlelit couples massage with oils and perfumes

Work on new beginnings, two heads are always better than one, to define and refine the perfect new wedding day!