“Holiday in safety, in post Covid 19 lockdown,  living by your own timing and your own rules, immersed in the nature of Tuscany”.


THE  BONUS of a well earned SELF CATERING HOLIDAY in Tuscany, with safe social distancing, over an all inclusive HOTEL HOLIDAY.

SELF CATERING  Vacation on DANYA COUNTRY ESTATE, in Paradise , Sansepolcro, Tuscany .


Exceeding expectations

Now this is where a private holiday rental can really come into its own.  Hotels by nature need to cater for a mass audience, albeit with a different slant perhaps towards business travelers or sun seekers, but our holiday rentals are set up and tailored towards a very specific type of guest.

As a guest, knowing that we really have your needs and wants in mind can be incredibly valuable – where in a hotel is there room to store mountain bikes and muddy shoes? Where is there space to put a cupboard bursting with toys and entertainment for families? How can you create a beautiful chef´s kitchen fit for gourmet travelers?  Understanding and marketing to a niche audience can offer so many opportunities to exceed our guest’s expectations that hotels just cannot match. We are also open to your suggestions.


Renting a holiday home gives everyone the option to spread out for privacy or to get together and socialize under one roof, choosing your company in safety. Self-catering accommodation is usually more spacious than hotel rooms, so they’re ideal if you are travelling with friends or family. Just because you are travelling with friends, doesn’t mean you need to spend every waking moment with them! Our accommodations  have private and communal living/dining areas that everyone can enjoy together as well as bedrooms which will give you privacy. If you want some fresh air without going too far, you can enjoy the stunning views from the outside terraces  or at the communal BBQ area.  We have storage for your sports gear – golf clubs, fishing rods, bicycles etc.


DANYA COUNTRY ESTATE, offers 4 different type of hospitality and accommodation:

DANYA HOUSE  provides 4 double bedrooms for a family group or can accommodate 4  couples. The house provides a fully fitted  kitchen and TV lounge which opens out onto a beautiful lemon grove terrace for dining and relaxing under the grape vine pagoda. 

THE COUNTRY COTTAGE offers private accommodation with 2 double bedrooms, shared bathroom, lounge and kitchenette suitable for a family or two couples.

THE SUITE offers an open plan apartment with double bed, lounge and kitchenette leading on to a balcony overlooking the lake ideal for sun bathing, cozy aperitif and dining.


As our family dogs, Cora, Ares and Camilla , will tell you, we are a pet-friendly self catering business. Being able to travel and go on a holiday with your pet is a great benefit for most of us, not to mention when it’s a necessity. We recognize that you could have a guide or an assistance dog, or a therapy pet and it’s important for you to keep your furry partner with you, which is why we are happy with prior notice for you to bring them to stay at our self catering estate.  We provide food bowls for your and their convenience, and would just ask to keep your pets off the furniture and out of the bedrooms, to ensure that there is no damage to the property.

Here is why we believe a holiday home in self catering  has such an advantage over hotels…


Money saver

Private groups can also benefit from choosing to self cater, versus mass catering in a hotel by renting a villa for a group price which  works out far cheaper per head by splitting the cost of the accommodation, the food and drink and taking turns in the cooking and shopping. Travelling on a self-catering basis allows you complete freedom, and can save money and no frustrating queuing. Dining out and eating in the hotel can end up costing a lot, whereas with self-catering, you can buy and cook, or BBQ when and what you like, plus you’ll get to try the best local delicacies and foods and live the culture.



Unless you’re willing to pay top rates, often hotel rooms tend to follow the same theme. Your own private accommodation gives you a furnished house or cottage, or suite with a lot more room and character, rather than a hotel complex, for a feeling of home from home.

Both self-catered and all-inclusive holidays are beneficial in their own ways, but of course completely depends on what you want out of your holiday.


Freedom to explore and live like a local  in authentic travel

One of the main reasons travelers stay in holiday homes is to experience the local neighborhood and culture. To shop where the locals shop and dine at local restaurants. You’re much more likely to explore your surroundings and get to know the culture of the area, rather than restricting yourselves to the activities of a hotel or resort. A self-catering package, leaves you free to explore the local restaurants and cafés and eat at the times you prefer rather than on an habitual timetable.. The beauty of a self catering holiday is that you can do everything at your own pace. Self-catering also ensures meals you know you’re going to love eating as and when you like, without breaking normal home routines. So if the kids are sleepy but you’re not hungry, they can have tea and off to bed, leaving you to an evening by yourselves – candlelit dinner by the pool under the stars or under the grapevine?

Another reason for self-catering is that a lot of business people spend enough time in hotels, or people have been confined to their homes in COVID lockdown,  so that when it comes to their well earned holidays, they look for some home comforts, nature  and total safety and flexibility.



From space, to meal times, to being able to wash your clothes, self catering accommodation offers you so much more freedom and independence than a hotel stay ever will. Our accommodation is equipped with all the necessary appliances should you want to make pop-corn in the middle of the night, microwave leftovers, bake cookies or wash your clothes after a day of mountain-biking in the woods.

You get to come and go as you please and set your own holiday timetable. You can enjoy a relaxing or a very active break. You aren’t restricted to designated meal times so you can choose to eat your breakfast at a time that suits you, whether you are an early bird or a late riser.  If you want to have a lie in, you can! The beauty of a self catering holiday is that you can do everything at your own pace. Want to eat breakfast at midday ? No problem. Or perhaps early dinner for the kids and your dinner when they are tucked up in bed ?  : self catering accommodation offers you total flexibility  to do as you please and set your own holiday timetable.



Don’t need to dress for dinner ! There’s no need to worry about the surrounding hotel rooms, because you’ve got your own space. A fully-equipped kitchen is yours to use, and designated area of private garden. The large swimming pool, will never be overcrowded, maximum 8 people in the pool at any one time.


Quality time with chosen loved ones

Many parents relish the extra time they get to spend with their children on holiday, and want to fill their days with fun family activities – so there’s no need for the kids’ clubs and babysitting services that come as standard on an all-inclusive break… the idea is to keep the family together and consolidate. Likewise with friends!!

Food, glorious food (that you actually want to eat)

Of course one of the best things about self catering is being able to eat what you want, when you want, and not suffer the same repetitive hotel buffet night after night. With a fully fitted kitchen to hand, preparing family meals with local produce and alfresco dining is part of the holiday experience. Avoid the lukewarm repetitive buffets in hotels. A popular choice as a variant to guidance on the best local restaurants, is to have a local chef come in and cook up a feast based on local cuisine, a far more intimate and authentic way of learning more about the gourmet side to a destination.


Home comforts, Facilities & entertainment 

Forget paying extra for in-room movies WIFI. Most holiday rentals offer free WIFI, multi room TV’s, DVD’s, games, books, and rainy day items to keep everyone entertained. You can also do your laundry on holiday, which can cut down on luggage costs.


Low Noise , No Noise

 You don’t have to worry about hearing the TV, screaming kids, foot traffic, early morning showers or noisy lifts through paper thin walls of hotels.


Your  comfort

With the best will in the world, not many hotels can be a home away from home, and it’s not always easy to relax when you know you’re surrounded by other people and families just centimeters away or on the other side of the walls. The privacy and comfort afforded by a cottage or apartment is beyond compare. Bring your own pillows, let the kids bring their favorite toys; bring whatever you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible. And rest secure in the knowledge that if one of the children does have a screaming tantrum, there’ll be no banging on the walls and complaints about you to hotel management!


YOUR HAPPINESS is our goal

While a hotel is nice and beds made and rooms cleaned everyday, we often find that it never quite feels ‘right’ – the kids don’t like sleeping somewhere new, the heating is never quite right, often you have to go hunting for extra duvets and bedding, and not always are  tea and coffee facilities available in the room! Staying in a self catering property means you’ll be more relaxed, you’ll have more room, and the children will be happy (so hopefully you’ll have more peace too on your well earned vacation !).


Blog 1 July, 2020