Your Schedule

By choosing a self catering property, you’re not at the beck and call of anyone else. No having to be back to the hotel in time for dinner, or getting up while breakfast is being served. No making yourself scarce when the maid turns up, or worrying about waking other guests if you arrive back late and a little … happy.
With a self catering apartment or cottage you can do what you want, when you want, AND in private.

Your Food

Have you ever looked at a hotel menu and thought “There’s nothing I fancy”? Or there’s nothing the kids want to eat. Nothing that caters directly for you.
Self catering is exactly that – you eat what you want, when you want it. OK, you have to cook it, but let’s face it, a fun al fresco BBQ in the garden beats sitting in a stuffy hotel dining room trying to entertain the children so that they don’t upset anyone, doesn’t it?

Your Comfort and Your Safety

With the best will in the world, not many hotels can be a home away from home, and it’s not always easy to relax when you know you’re surrounded by other people and families just centimeters away or on the other side of the walls.
The privacy and comfort afforded by a cottage or apartment is beyond compare. Bring your own pillows, let the kids bring their favorite toys; bring whatever you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible. And rest secure in the knowledge that if one of the children DOES have a screaming tantrum, there’ll be no banging on the walls and complaints about you to hotel management!

Your Entertainment

There’s only so much you can take with you, and if you’re taking children, it can seem as if you need an extra car just for all the favorite comforts/ sleep teddies / toys / accessories.
A hotel room is nice, but apart from the space issue, you’re usually stuck with a set amount of TV channels and the hotel band if you’re lucky.
Self catering accommodation usually comes with a DVD player, in some cases a garden, and a whole host of tips for things to do right on the doorstep. Some properties will also have books, board games and more for those nights when you don’t want to be out painting the own red.

Your Happiness

While a hotel is nice and beds made and rooms cleaned every day, we often find that it never quite feels ‘right’ – the kids don’t like sleeping somewhere new, the heating is never quite right, often you have to go hunting for extra duvets and bedding, and not always are tea and coffee facilities available in the room!
Staying in a self catering property means you’ll be more relaxed, you’ll have more room, and the children will be happy (so hopefully you’ll have more peace too!)
a self catering property means you’ll be more relaxed, you’ll have more room, and the children will be happy (so hopefully you’ll have more peace too!).

What better reason to forego the hotel and stay in comfort in self catering ?


If you like to go with the flow and see where the day takes you, self-catering will suit you well. Fancy a late lunch? Heading off on a last-minute excursion? Want to try somewhere new for dinner? Perfect – you won’t feel restricted by resort timetables or as if you’re throwing away money. Self-catering provides you with choice and flexibility.

True cultural experiences

Some of us like to go native and really experience our holiday destination. Organising your own food and activities means you’ll get a more authentic flavour of the area – buying local is good for the region’s economy too.

Planning and cooking your own meals

Many travellers want to be in control of what they eat. Perhaps you love a certain food for breakfast that won’t be available at an all-inclusive resort or you have special dietary needs, or maybe you’ve got young or fussy eaters in your group who will be hard to cater for in a hotel.


For a lot of us, the thought of eating every meal in a busy dining room and sharing a pool with hordes of other holidaymakers is the stuff of nightmares. Eating some of your holiday meals in a quiet, comfortable kitchen and enjoying the tranquility of a private pool, with only your friends and family, is very appealing to many.

Quality time

Many parents relish the extra time they get to spend with their children on holiday, and want to fill their days with fun family activities – so there’s no need for the kids’ clubs and babysitting services that come as standard on an all-inclusive break… the idea is to keep the family together and consolidate.

Benefits for choosing self-catering accommodation

Home from Home

While travelling with friends, family members or children who have dietary requirements, choosing the self-catering option allows you to cook what you want, when you want. Which means if you want breakfast in the middle of the day – you are welcome to it! You can keep to your own routine or break out of however you want! If you have babies, you can prepare and store baby food ready for whenever you child wants it. For those who are inseparable with their furry friends, pet-friendly self-catering cottages come with food bowls and drying towels.


You get to come and go as you please and set your own holiday timetable. You can enjoy a relaxing or a very active break. You aren’t restricted to designated meal times so you can choose to eat your breakfast at a time that suits you, whether you are an early bird or a late riser. If you want to have a lie in, you can! The beauty of a self catering holiday is that you can do everything at your own pace.